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What is Take Your Child to the Library Day?

Take Your Child to the Library Day (TYCLD) is an international initiative that encourages families everywhere to take their children to their local library. Launched in 2011 in Connecticut by librarians Nadine Lipman (Waterford Public Library, retired) and Caitlin Augusta (Stratford Library) with artist Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, TYCLD raises community awareness about the importance of the library in the life of a child, and promotes library services and programs for children and families.

When is it?

TYCLD is officially held on the first Saturday in February - but the date is flexible! TYCLD celebrations may take place on any date(s) in February - it's up to your library.

What does my library have to do to participate?

Whatever you want! That's why it's so easy!

  • You can have a special event or performer or story time.
  • You can offer a craft project or a scavenger hunt or a prize just for coming by.
  • You can put up special decorations or have party snacks.
  • You can celebrate however you like, as long as it encourages people to take their child(ren) to the library.

You can check out our big list of what libraries have done in the past HERE.

Why should my library participate?

  • It's really easy and flexible.
  • It's a great way to demonstrate your library's importance to your community.
  • It's an opportunity to market your library to non-users.
  • You can be part of a national movement that raises awareness of libraries.
  • And - you don't want to have to say "Oh sorry, we're not doing that" when someone shows up at your library looking for Take Your Child to the Library Day fun!

Do I have to register to participate?

We request that all participating libraries register. It’s free! It only takes a few minutes! And it allows you to get on the TYCLD map so families in your community can know they can celebrate TYCLD with you!

How do I register?

Click HERE to register.

I heard there was a webinar. Where can I find a copy of the replay?

You can find that webinar HERE.

Want tO learn more or get Your library involved?

contact us at info@takeyourchildtothelibrary.org


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